works for children

Our Philosophy

Children, their dreams and feelings, their ready enthusiasm, their vulnerability, their essential humanity and their sense of fun… this was the inspiration behind the setting up of Ragdoll.  Anne Wood, Founder and Creative Director

Ragdoll respects the rights of children to be themselves, to be taken seriously, to be listened to and to be allowed to build up their own unique picture of the world.

When you figure something out for yourself, you are much more likely to remember it and know how to apply it. Ragdoll carefully creates spaces for children to discover things for themselves without any apparent adult direction or instruction.

In the process of making programmes for children, we believe it is only by observing the natural responses of children themselves that we can understand how our work should proceed.  Ragdoll invests in its own network of contacts reaching out to children across families, carers and nursery schools around the world.