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r+jRosie and Jim (ITV) – Puppet characters Rosie and Jim explore the world from a much loved narrow boat The Ragdoll traversing the canals of the UK.  Series 1 and 2: 50 episodes x 15 minutes; Series 3-8: 125 episodes x 10 minutes.  Series broadcast between September 1990 and January 2000.

Brum (BBC) – An independent real miniature car tackles wrongdoing in the big city (Birmingham).   Series 1 and 2: 26 episodes x 10 minutes; Series 3: 40 episodes x 10 minutes.  Series broadcast between September 1991 and September 2001.

Tots TV (ITV/BBC) – Puppet friends Tilly (French speaking), Tom and Tiny share their own small cottage (specifically built on location in Warwickshire) and learn how to live together.  Series 1: 36 episodes x 15 minutes; Series 2-8: 240 episodes x 10 minutes.  US versions: 66 episodes x 30 minutes; Classics: 20 episodes x 10 minutes.

Open a Door (BBC) – Collaboration with overseas broadcasters in worldwide locations. Initiatied by Ragdoll it features small children leaving their home and encountering the world where they are before returning home.  53 episodes x 5 minutes.  Four series shown in the UK between January 1994 and October 2003.


Teletubbies (BBC) – The most famous of all Ragdoll’s programmes.  Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La and Po are technological babies living in their own technological Super Dome ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’.  The series was co-created with artist and writer Andrew Davenport.  It became BBC Worldwide’s biggest export and was translated into 45 languages.  Complete series: 365 episodes x 30 minutes, broadcast between March 1997 and April 1999.  Teletubbies Everywhere: 52 episodes x 10 minutes, broadcast February 2002.