works for children

Our Story



Dipdap (BBC) – A naïve 2D animated character, follows a line drawn live on screen by Steve Roberts.  The line is a continual source of silly fun and surprises.  52 x 3 minutes.  Broadcast January and November 2011.  Dipdap App launched March 2013.

The Adventures of Abney & Teal (BBC) – Beautifully drawn and illustrated by artist Joel Stewart the world of these characters is set apart on an island in the middle of a lake in an urban park.  52 x 11 minutes.  Broadcast September 2011.

2013 – the Ragdoll programme catalogue was sold to the Canadian production and distribution company DHX Media.  The Ragdoll company was not sold and still continues in the hands of Anne’s son Christopher Wood with Anne retaining influence as Creative Director.