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The Ragdoll Foundation

The Ragdoll Foundation was set up in 2000, originally owning a stake in the Ragdoll Company.  It now operates independently.  Please visit

Ragdoll Stateside

In the early days of the company, Anne’s cold calling on US broadcasters and distributors became legendary.  She was always received with polite respect for the modest Ragdoll catalogue, but the enthusiasm was never transformed into deals until Tots TV with its unique ability to feature a second language and Teletubbies were both shown on the PBS network.

Following the creation of the joint venture between Ragdoll and BBC Worldwide in 2006 to form Ragdoll Worldwide, it was a natural progression in 2008 for Ragdoll to merge its North American team with the children’s division at BBC Worldwide in New York.  This further strengthened the management of the Ragdoll portfolio in the US and Canada.